Betonicassa Aesthetics that Add Dimensions to the Structure...

Betonicassa offers the latest innovation of concrete with its environmentally friendly structure and smooth pure beauty. We invite you to our constantly renewing and developing world with our wall and floor tile types. Are you ready for a unique experience waiting for you in Betonicassa?





Betonicassa interior architects and designers bring concrete models to life with modern techniques. Designs created in computer environment are transferred to BETONICASSA's mold department. In this way, every detail is handled with care.

| R & D

Tiles prepared with Betonicassa's casting molds are filled with a special mortar developed as a result of long R&D studies. This special mortar was created with a formula meticulously prepared by BETONICASSA and containing 21 different ingredients.


Betonicassa adopts an effective quality control process with its expert employees in order to show the importance it attaches to quality. In this process, each tile is examined in detail during the production phase and possible casting errors are carefully identified. Detected errors are corrected by experienced teams and the products are ensured to comply with excellent quality standards. In this way, customers are provided with high-quality and error-free products.


Betonicassa's three-dimensional wall tiles skillfully combine the durability of concrete and the elegance of art. It adds both aesthetics and functionality to homes with its modern designs and durable structure. Each tile contains a hidden work of art, turning homes into an art gallery.



We are taking firm steps towards our goal, which is to offer abundant variety, unlimited colors and continuous innovation to our valued customers, and towards becoming the concrete tile brand with the most models in the world.



We bring to life our eye-catching colors and stylish designs with your choice. Whether indoor or outdoor, you can choose from our matte, glossy, ultra-shiny, silky and natural surfaces.



Together, we generate ideas for the wonderful space you dream of, and we develop these ideas in line with your preferences and turn them into a magnificent plan


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